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Tennis is one of the UK’s most popular and rewarding sports, helping players to attain a healthy level of overall fitness and to maintain an excellent degree of agility and vitality in life beyond school.

For those with a natural talent, given the right coaching and opportunities, tennis can lead to a career of sporting achievement at the highest level, as we recently saw in Emma Raducanu’s victory at the US Open, Joe Salisbury winning the US Open mixed doubles and men’s doubles, and Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett becoming the first British pair to win all four Grand Slams in a year. 

Why is tennis such a healthy and safe sport for children?

In an article titled “Health Benefits of Tennis: Why Play Tennis?”  Dr. Jack L. Gropple curated research from renowned scientists to prove the validity of the old adage, “tennis is the sport of a lifetime.”

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1. No Contact
Collision and contact sports over the years have started to gain attention for the lifelong injuries they can cause. While tennis does not come without its fair share of accidents, racquet sports are definitely a favourable option for parents looking for safer and healthy exercise for their child.
2. Expert Supervision
With coaches on-hand during lessons to teach beginners proper technique and form there is less chance of acquiring injuries. While shoelace trips and strains may occur, their likeliness is minimised with practice and patience.
3. Physical Development
The game of tennis requires athleticism including quick movements and the use of the entire body. As a result, the development of muscular body strength is inevitable coupled with the added benefit of strengthening the cardiovascular system.
4. Mental Development
As tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it could possibly create new connections between nerves in the brain, promoting development of the brain.It is also an effective sport to master fine motor-skills and hand-to-eye coordination.
5. Immunity Booster
By improving physical strength, flexibility, balance, and fine motor-skills, tennis will support your child master other activities off the court.  Fresh air and physical activity help to strengthen the immune system against the usual coughs and colds.
6. It’s social and fun!
A strong rooted history in good sportsmanship, teamwork, and camaraderie among players, tennis is a very social sport that will hopefully lead to life-long enjoyment.

What do we offer at St Hilary’s?

We offer a Tennis Academy, led by specialist and experienced coaches, open to every pupil from Year 1 to Year 6 at lunchtimes. We are delighted to announce that we are now extending our provision to offer parents the opportunity for their child/ren to have tennis lessons after school and also Tennis Camps during Half Term, Easter and Summer holidays, using our newly re-surfaced tennis courts.
St Hilary's Prep School additionally offers a number of Tennis Scholarships to pupils that show strong potential or hold a good rating for their age and are already competing. Our Tennis Scholarship Scheme is open to both existing boys and girls or prospective pupils who are registered to join the School.
The Tennis Programme at St Hilary’s seeks to inspire, encourage and guide its players to reach their optimum level of tennis potential through it’s dedicated, high level coaching team and excellent facilities.

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Coaching Team

To read about the experience and qualifications of the St Hilary's Tennis Academy Coaching Team, click the link below.
Coaching Team

Further Details

For more information about the St Hilary's Tennis Academy, please contact Head Coach Jorge or our Registrar.

Jorge Miguel Martin Munoz
Head Coach
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Admissions Manager
St Hilary's School
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